6 types of shoes that can do too much damage to your body


High heels can cause nerve damage

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Yes, women love high heels because they look great and feel attractive, but the damage may be greater than you think. Wearing high heels often leads to sprains, ingrown toenails, nerve damage and lower back pain.

To get rid of these problems, it is advisable to make sure that your everyday heels do not exceed 3 inches. And remember that you can always change your shoes at the office, if you can not spend a day without more legs.

Flat shoes exert pressure on the plantar fascia.

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It may seem surprising, but flat shoes can also damage your legs. This occurs because they have no arch support that exerts pressure on the plantar fascia. As a result, you experience knee and back pain.

But it is not necessary to get rid of your flat shoes. You can simply buy orthopedic orthoses that will fix the position of your feet.

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