6 types of shoes that can do too much damage to your body


The average person travels 245-292 kilometers a year. That’s why it’s crucial to find a perfect pair of shoes that will not hurt your feet. Being fashionable is cool, but being healthy is a lot cooler.

At Bright Side, we found that there are 6 types of shoes that hurt your body.

Pointed shoes may be too tight.

Wide feet will not feel happy with pointed shoes. They are too tight and will put a lot of pressure on your toes. Nobody wants to be in a hurry, and that certainly includes your feet too. This can lead to things like nerve pains and blisters. Before buying a pair of sharp shoes, check to see if your feet are completely comfortable.

Flip flops cause serious misalignment of the ankles.

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Flip flops look perfect for summer and the beach. But let’s look at them better and see if that’s true. First of all, you can not really say that they are comfortable because they rub between the toes and cause skin lesions. Secondly, wearing them can cause misalignment of the ankles and knees because your feet are not properly supported.

In addition, when walking, your feet may feel tired faster and it is very difficult to run in flip-flops.

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