6 Tips How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces


The belt may be confusing, especially when it comes to brushing.
How do you do this? Should you worry about the dental section under the brackets? Are there things you should not do while brushing?
Can you brush your teeth with brackets?

Simply put, yes. You can definitely brush your teeth. You must definitely.
Thinking that you can wear braces anywhere from several months to several years is ridiculous. You still have to take care of your teeth, gums and mouth. If you do not, it can cause a lot of problems you do not want to live with – pain, swelling, and other problems that require action of some kind.
If you are a parent with a child who has arches, make sure they know the importance of brushing.

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How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces?

Not only do you know that you need to use the brush with the brackets, you also need to know how to clean the brush correctly.

Start with the basics
When cleaning your teeth using brackets (or without them), remember the abbreviation KISS: Keep It Super Simple. Just the basics.

The basic rule is cleaning after each meal, but at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. When cleaning the brush, make sure to clean the brush gently. Do not want to overdo it, especially for clamps.

Plan for each cleaning session for a longer time than usual – you should spend some time brushing behind the wires, getting food particles, and getting every corner and corner.

Here are some tips on how to use the best brush technique:

First, wash your mouth with water to relieve any food debris
Rinse your toothbrush to get any food particles or residue from it
When brushing, make sure the toothbrush is at a 45 degree angle
Using short strokes, move the brush back and forth across your teeth
Brush between wires and on each surface
Brush your last tongue
Select the right toothbrush
When you have a orthodontist, you can not use any old toothbrush. You will need to choose the appropriate toothbrush.

In order to be gentle on the brackets to help prevent gum disease, you should choose a soft hair brush. It can be a regular toothbrush, you can choose from the best electric toothbrush, or even a tooth brush, which allows you to go between the brackets and teeth.

Whatever the case, it should have soft bristles.

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